MTG Tournament-Battle of the Wizards #6 / Jan 11th / 4:15 PM GMT (CLOSED)

by Vera Dias on January 9, 2019


Welcome to Lunationesports MTG 1v1 Tournament! 4 this tournament is just for fun! top 4 players will get a title

  • pleasse don’t forget to read the rules it’s really important and If you need any kind of support please message us on facebook or twitter!

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Good luck!

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Link to the Tournament


Game & Region
Magic: The Gathering Arena

Date & Time
Friday, January 11th 2019
5:15 PM CET

Player Registration is allowed


MTG Arena Sample Ruleset

Please note that this a sample ruleset for MTG Arena. You may alter them for your tournament as you’d see fit. These rules don’t cover anything related to behavior or joining Discord, so be sure to add in your own rulings about those topics. Also, I highly recommend REQUIRING screenshots to be taken.
Players must submit a valid deck that will be used for the entirety of the tournament
yers caught using a deck other than what was submitted will receive a game loss or may result in disqualification
Players may utilize one standard deck that may be submitted through and sent to an admin before start time
Matches have up to 45 minutes to complete, after this it will result in a tie
Disconnecting during a game will result in an automatic loss of that game.
If a player disconnects but has irrefutable evidence that a win would ensure, it is at the admin’s discretion to award a win or loss.
If a player disconnects early in the match and their opponent explicitly agrees to a rematch, the admin may award a rematch of the game.
Although it’s not required, screenshots prove a win. Please ensure you screenshot your win and upload it to your match on Battlefy.
Players can report their own score.


Special title on discord for top 3 players

Currently, there is no schedule information available.


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