MTG World League: Amateur Series Season 1 / Jan 27th / 7:00PM GMT

by Vera Dias on January 22, 2019


World League Amateur Series Season 1!
Welcome to week 2 of 7

World League is about:

7 weeks of fights for the best position

Each week everyone will earn points depending on their position.

Last final week is the 8th week.

Top 10 will be qualified to the final event. If you do not go well in one week, you always have a chance to play in the next week and get revenge to remain to the top in the league!
Each week brackets are bo3. Sideboard allowed 15 cards.
Competitors can change or adjust their decks and sideboards before ending of registration for each week.

Final week will be break down into 2 days of competition with double elimination brackets:
Round of 10, quarterfinals and semifinals with losers round 1, 2 and 3 played on first day.
Losers round 4, losers finals winners final and Grand final played in second and last final day of the current season! All games played on second day are bo5, except Grand Finals 2xbo3
Final days allowed each player sideboard with 15 cards

How many points would you earn? Depending on your position:

1st – 10pts.
2nd – 9pts.
3rd to 4th – 8pts.
5th to 8th – 6pts.
9th to 16th – 4pts.
17th to 32nd – 3pts.
33th to X – 1pts.

Nobody will be left over without any points. You earning points in every week and you can climb through ladder proggresively!
Do NOT forget to register for the next week of the league!

Do you want to see our friendly streamers in action? Watch one of the streams.


They will participate in tournaments and stream their games at the same time!

Prize pool $100

1st – $50
2nd – $24
3rd – $15
4th – $11

You must join to Discord server, this is tournament requirement

Join, play, fight! The community is THE most important for us!
Share us with your friends and we will not let you down. If you have any suggestions do not hestitage, let us know what do you think!

Link to the Tournament


Game & Region
Magic: The Gathering Arena

Date & Time
Sunday, January 27th 2019
7:00 PM GMT

Player Registration is allowed


Players must submit a valid deck that will be used for the entirety of the tournament
– Players caught using a deck other than what was submitted will receive a game loss or may result in disqualification
Players may utilize one standard deck that may be submitted through and sent to an admin before start time
Matches have up to 45 minutes to complete, after this it will result in a tie.
Disconnecting during a game will result in an automatic loss of that game.
– If a player disconnects but has irrefutable evidence that a win would ensure, it is at the admin’s discretion to award a win or loss.
– If a player disconnects early in the match and their opponent explicitly agrees to a rematch, the admin may award a rematch of the game.
Screenshots are required, it’s prove a win. Please ensure you screenshot your win and upload it to your match bracket on Battlefy.
Must join to the official discord server
Be respectful for other competitors and tournament staff
Players must abide by the following rules in order to compete in Digital Athletics tournaments and remain eligible to receive prizing. The rules are designed to ensure fair tournament administration.
Players must follow administrator decisions. Administrator decisions are final and may override this ruleset in part or in full. These decisions are necessary to facilitate the smooth operation and integrity of the tournament.
If you participate in pro league, you are not allowed to join to Amateur Series.

– Single Elimination.
– 1v1
– All matches are Best of 3 The only exception are the finals, which are best of 5.
– Although screenshots of game results are required, we highly recommend all teams to take screenshots to assist in resolving any game disputes.
– Players are expected to be available for their matches at all times
– If a player is not available within 10 minutes of their match is ready, their team will face disqualification
– If for any reason a team requires additional time before they can begin a match, an admin must be notified and approve the delay in order to avoid immediate disqualification
– You are entitled to broadcast tournament games provided that you will advertise the Digital Athletics tournaments
– Names should match across Discord, Battlefy, and MTG to avoid any confusion. If player names do not match across all 3 platforms, players are expected to notify the admins before the start of the tournament.
– Administrators for Digital Athletics will take action against players attempting to gain an unfair advantage through third party software or bug/glitch abuse. Additionally, ruining the integrity of the tournament may be cause for administrative action.
Digital Athletics does not tolerate insults and offensive behaviors. This includes in-game chat and any official tournament communication channels.
Offensive behavior can be categorized as but not limited to the following:

Pornographic content
Sexual harassment
Excessive cursing
Extremist statements
Threatened or committed violence
Unsportsmanlike conduct

Players can report their own score.


Prize pool $100 in Final week

1st – $50
2nd – $24
3rd – $15
4th – $11

Season 1
27/01/19 Week2

5:00pm – Check-in begins
6:00pm – Check-in ends
6:10pm – Brackets seeded, Season raged off!


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